Desiree Maira; The Boston Conservatory at Berklee; Rider University, Rowan University;  voice faculty

Taylor is an energetic and technically demanding teacher. His work is specific and tailored with much pedagogical practice and his results are incredible. His impeccable piano skills qualify him as a teacher of not simply vocal technique but of rich musical substance. 


Laurie Ripa, professional singer

The reason anyone takes singing lessons is to improve, to free the potential of your whole voice. Taylor can help you do that. He has a depth of knowledge combined with a creative array of exercises to relieve your limiting vocal habits. His approach is different from teacher who treat all voice difficulties with the same method. He seems to intuitively key into your problem areas and varies his exercises to specifically address them. His lessons are focused, lively, and fun. And personally, Taylor is very kind, energetic, and open. I always leave my lessons in a more positive frame of mind. Frankly, if you're serious about fixing those vocal faults and want steady improvement in your singing, you can't do better than Taylor.


Andrew Sheranian, organist and choirmaster, All Saint's Ashmont, Boston MA

Several years ago I hired Taylor Stilson to coach the boy trebles of the All Saint's (Ashmont) Choir of Men and Boys. He captured the attention of the boys immediately, and showed great proficiency in his ability to work with them in a large group, as well as individually. His thorough knowledge of vocal pedagogy has given him the tools he needs to work with singers at a variety of skill and experience levels. I have also had the chance to study with Taylor Stilson personally, and can attest to his skills as a studio teacher. He helped me enormously in my own personal study of the voice. His phenomenal keyboard skills, in my view, place him far ahead of his peers. 


Sharon Montella, professional dancer and singer, Dance Faculty UMASS Boston and Pine Manor College

Taylor Stilson is a master vocal pedagogue, musician, and supporter of his students. Patient and encouraging, his knowledge and application of vocal health concepts is truly remarkable. His fluidity at the keyboard and profound musicianship skills enabled me to explore a wide range of classical and musical theater repertoire which developed me as a successful cross-over singer. 


Rachel Borovik, singer-songwriter

Rarely does an artist with a mastery of their craft also display a propensity for teaching at the same level of proficiency. Taylor Stilson is an artist of such, one who has helped guide me on my own path to discovering my voice and strengthening my abilities. I learned more about my voice in one lesson with Taylor than I did in an entire semester studying voice in college. He's a wonderful teacher that truly cares about the progress of each student. 


Marquis Fuse, professional singer, graduate of the New England Conservatory

Taylor brings an exciting atmosphere to the vocal coaching process. His high energy and trained ear really helps you to engage your entire body throughout the coaching session. It was definitely fulfilling to work with someone who has such a wealth of knowledge in regards to the voice, repertoire, and breathing apparatus. 


Amanda Patti, holistic movement and wellness coach

I have been working with Taylor off and on for over two years now for voice coaching. I am not a singer, but am  speaker and presenter, so it is important that I am able to access the pathways within myself which allow me to speak clearly, from a place of connected inner power, and without straining my neck or body. Taylor has taught me tools and techniques to breathe more fully, speak from my power center (and get over my fears that I'm speaking too loudly!), release tension, access a greater register and develop my annunciation. He masterfully combines the art of teaching singing with techniques from yoga and the Alexander Technique. 


Peter Traver, Brown University '18

After only two years of study with Taylor, the growth I have experienced as a vocalist is exponential. Working with me from the ground up, Taylor helped me establish new technique, expression, and character in my vocal performance. He is a tough, demanding coach who wants the best for his students, while still making time to connect with them on a personal level. From navigating my passaggio to defining myself as an adult, Taylor provides the technique and moral support to let me thrive as both a singer and a person.


Giuliana Hazelwood, professional dancer and singer-songwriter

Taylor is a PHENOMENAL teacher. His approach is very technical and anatomical- perfect for anyone with dance/yoga/movement backgrounds. He keeps things moving at a quick pace, pointing out just enough to be helpful without overloading you on took much information to keep track of. He's incredibly encouraging, honest, gentle, and fun to be around. I LOVE singing with Taylor and learned more about my voice in an hour that I ever thought I would be able to. 


Michael Jones, esq., member of Boston Pops Gospel Choir

Taylor is an exceptional vocal coach with an incredible ear for fixing vocal faults. He is at the forefront of the new up-and-coming generation of scientifically grounded voice teachers and I would trust no one else with my vocal development.